We Care

We care for our environment, our crew, our customers and all lives on earth


Our Food Waste Policy

Keeping our food waste as low as possible is a huge priority for us.

Providing food that is completely fresh to our customers whilst also ensuring there is never any leftover at the end of the day can be a challenge.
We give away everyday leftover soup to Lindley house, the home for homeless on the East reach. In our kitchen we inevitably have food waste, mainly in the form the vegetable trimmings (cauliflower leaves and roots or red pepper stems). Just because we can't use this in our finished products doesn't mean it should go to waste. And so, this goes to Taunton Urban farming a company dedicated to working towards a circular economy. Urban farming turns our vegetable trimmings to compost to grow their mushroom. They also turn all our food waste into fertilizer for farms. This means we have considerably reduced our food waste going into incineration or landfill We buy our mushrooms from Urban farming.
We are working towards no food waste